Backprinting on 20th Century Photographic Paper

Credits and acknowledgements

If you cite our project in your work, please use this reference:

Alam, J., Nikolaus, S., and Messier, P. Backprinting on 20th Century Photographic Paper,, accessed on [date].

This website represents a collaborative effort over many years. Principal contributions include:

  • Joitree Alam, LML Post-Baccalaureate Fellow: Cataloging, imaging, and image processing
  • Paul Messier, LML Director: Collection acquisition, concept development, cataloging, image processing, and web development
  • Sydney Nikolaus, LML Project Assistant: Cataloging, imaging, package and sample book photography

Many valuable contributions were made by Damon Crockett, Christina Finlayson, Memory Hark, Katherine "Kappy" Mintie, and Cynthia Yue.

The Lens Media Lab is part of Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage located on Yale's West Campus.

The LML gratefully acknowledges the John Pritzker Family Fund for supporting the lab's activities since its inception in 2015.

examples of backprinting found on photographic paper
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